I’m surrounded

from everywhere

by arms and toes

and feet and hair

By screams and shouts

and tiny feet

By big rough hands

and ‘time to eat’s!

By dings and bongs

and sounds and smells

and a family

that works so well

By love and cheer

And all goodwill

By a mom that stays home when I’m ill

While grubby hands steal from my till

And spend the lot on sweets

And though sometimes

I sigh, annoyed

At my little sis

Breaking all my toys

And my little brother’s


Of all my hobbies,

All my tastes

And my elder sisters’

Furious screams

When I borrow clothes

And ‘tear the seams!’

And my parent’s

Glaring reprimands

If I eat before

I wash my hands

And the overall chaos


By seven tiny mouths

To feed

I love them all

And they love me

For after all

We are family

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