Christmas Prompts Challenge

Hey guys!

In the spirit of Christmas, I’ve come up with three Santa-related short story prompts: My challenge for you guys is to choose your favorite prompt, write a short story about it, then send it in through contacts. I’ll post some of my favorite stories up here, so don’t forget to come check them out in a few week’s time. Here are the three prompts:

  1. Santa is a grumpy old man with diabetes and a bad attitude. He isn’t exactly committed to his job, so it’s inevitable that one November, he and his elves realize they have completely forgotten to build that year’s Christmas presents. With only one month to go before the big day and no way of making presents in time, Santa is left with only one choice;  convert every child in the world to the naughty list.
  2. Due to global warming melting his home down, Santa and his elves are forced to relocate to a warmer climate. So they pack up their bags, put on their tourist shirts and move to ___. But nobody here seems to care about Christmas spirit or the gift of giving, and soon Santa learns that living in a big city isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…
  3. Santa’s parents visit the North Pole, and they are not happy. Having had enough of paying the rent for their lazy son, they tell him to buckle down and get a real job. So Santa moves to the Big Apple, and gets a job at __ company. Will he manage to climb the ruthless corporate ladder, or is he just too used to working one day a year?

Look forward to reading your stories!

Happy Holidays,


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