The Verdict

I arrive

In a refugee state

To the only place that will take me

Filled to the Brim

From outside looking in

With people exactly like


All different Colours

Some richer than others

Each screaming political views

The chaos collides

When the judges arrive

Split through the middle in two

A snap and a clap

A zippity zap

When in front of my eyes my life


The angel bends down

In a voice soft but firm

And a seedling of doubt in her grew

No stealing

Or Cheating

No murder I’m seeing

No sin in the sense of the term

As I start to rejoice

I hear a deep voice

As the devil stands everyone squirms

Not so fast, my sweet being

Is this rejection I’m seeing?

Do you need to pay back your due?

Why is seems like it is

He belongs here, my sis

Look at his Mad point of view

Religion and fame

Skin Color, name

His mind is too narrow to accept some are lame

And women to him

Mean nothing but games

And Jews Christians Muslims

He won’t treat the same

The rich and the poor

Deserve what they gain

Why it seems that he’ll fit right in

Welcome my Friend

To a dead end

Where after a whole life of


The tables are turned,

I’ve said my word,

And the angel accepts

though grudging

With verdict decided

I push you, small-minded,

Into my fiery pit

And to those listening in

Know there’s more to a sin

So take stock!

Take stock!

Don’t be a chip off the block!

Unless in my abyss you’d

Like to reside

Here my strong warning

The truth on you dawning

That discrimination is idiotic

On Being Me

Hey guys! Here’s a poem I wrote to give you an idea of what I’m like… Hope you enjoy!


On Being Me


There’s someone unpleasant under the bed

An egg that’s been rotting inside my head

What is that shadow?

Oh look! There’s a plane

I’m being plotted against

by the man down the lane,

I am not random

But I’m insane

A million thoughts a second,

my mind could attain

I love me

and me loves me back

My one flaw is I’m perfect!

There’s nothing I lack,

Except maybe a brain

I know I lost that

but I cover up nicely,

by wearing a hat.



Welcome to the ‘Blog’ page!

My first blog post – a bit about me and this website

Hey guys, and welcome to the ‘blog’ page of A Mind Full Of Ink! I’m so pumped to start up a community full of like-minded bookworms. You can read a bit more about how the blog works at the ‘about the blog’ page, but here’s the run-down:

–  The ‘blog’ category is where the actual blogging happens; I write about books, movies and plays I’ve read/seen recently, give tips about acing your homework assignment and other writing skills, and occasionally discuss the latest scandals (when the need to dish gossip becomes too strong). I’ll also post challenges, which will give you guys a theme or prompt that you can use to write your own story. Once everyone sends them in, I’ll publish them on the site and we can all laugh at how different (or similar) our plots turned out to be. Everyone will also get to vote on their favorite, and who knows, maybe your story will become the new Harry Potter!

– Then there’s the ‘workshop’ category, where all the stories are posted. At first I’ll release one of my pieces every two weeks, but the idea is that as this community builds up people will start sending in their own fiction, which could be anything from monologues to short stories or artwork.

– You can send in your fiction through the ‘contacts’ page. Just fill out the form, paste your piece inside the comment section, and voila! In a few weeks it’ll appear in the ‘workshop’ category along with your name and any other information you want published.

–  The ‘About The Blog’ just tells you a little about me, as well as recaps this post on how the blog works.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, I’ll tell you guys a bit about myself. My name is Elsa, I’m fourteen, and my hobby is (duh) reading and writing. Personally, my favorite things to write are poems and short stories that actually end up being the size of novellas (oops), and my favorite theme is horror, so get ready to read about a lot of character deaths. I’m also very easily scared, which means that my own stories freak me out so much that I can barely sleep at night… My other hobbies include Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, attempting to write and film terrible movies with my friends, and binge-watching Once Upon A Time. I’d also like to say that I am a terrible artist, so if you want to see any artworks on this site, I’ll need all you actually talented people to send them in:).

I think that covers most of the traditional introductory facts, but if there’s anything else you want to know about me feel free to comment. I’ve also posted a poem about me (‘on being me’) in the workshop, so don’t forget to check it out. Other than that, I have to ask: I really want this blog to work out, but the only way that can happen is if we have a really strong community. So whether you love writing or just enjoy reading fiction online, click that subscribe button and be one of the ‘founding fathers’ of A Mind Full Of Ink!

Keep Writing,